Wheelchair Accessible Vans

Before jumping on to the variety of Wheelchair accessible vans, one should have a clear conception about what exactly these vans are. In short a brief description to it would be such: it is a vehicle that has a larger interior size and the entry to the cars and vans have been made smooth with the help of the wheelchair that can be worked with a wheelchair ramp or with the help of power lifting. Therefore the handicapped persons are not really required put in much effort to get into the car.

In such kinds of vehicles the wheelchair arrangements inside the car may be for the driver as well as may be for the passenger. Type and design of the wheelchair inside the vehicle and the corresponding facilities may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some may have lowered floors, some may have changing configurations of chair or even it may be single or multiple in nature. These kinds of wheelchair- accessing vans are usually certified so that the safety requirements of NHTSA are met properly.

Wheelchair Accessible Vans

One of the newly introduced wheelchair accessible vans is the 2012 Toyota Sienna XLE manufactured by BRAUN with a V6 engine. There are hoards of facilities that one can easily avail. There are accessiblity and convinience that are offered by the Rampvan conversion. The floor is lowered to about 12 inches and has power seats. The price ranges around $59,895 and added facilities of power windows, power mirrors, rear climate control, keychain remote may be utilised to the full. Apart from these, FM Stereo, CD player, Moon roof, Alloy Wheels, Cruise and Power Hatch helps to add on to the value of this wheelchair accessible van.

2012 MV-1 VPG Handicap Vans

2012 MV-1 VPG is suppossedly another good one of the recently introduced wheelchair accessible vans that is ready to help you at any cost if you are a member of the disabled community or if you are into service for the disabled. There are certain specific needs that may be fulfilled by this vehicle accordingly. Priced at $43,900 having mileage of 471, this MV-1 type vehicle has no power seats yet the car would provide with whole lot of comforts and ease. The car has lot of dignity to show off and the most important fact is that the car has been tested and it meets the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines. The engineering of the car is too good and it’s said to be the first true mobility vehicle amongst all the vans with V6 engines.

Other Noteworthy Cars for Disabled

Wheelchair Van

Some other noteworthy ones are 2012 Nissan NV 1500 which has the extra facility of back passenger area which is fully converted. Priced at $47,880 the car has a mileage of 45 with some other added advantages. Another noteworthy car amongst the important wheelchair accessible vans would be 2013 Toyota Sienna XLE which is an advanced version of 2012 Sienna XLE with added advatages of North side entry and lowered floor wheelchairs with unrestricted entry and exit.

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