Wedding Table Decoration Ideas

With the passage of time people are being more status conscious and materialistic and that’s why they are willing to pay more on different ceremonies. Few years ago wedding ceremonies were also quite simple and low budgeted but now a proper wedding needs perfect planning and execution. People spend lots of money for decorating and organizing wedding ceremonies. You can also hire professional consultants who work as wedding planners and event organizers.

There are several things which you take into consideration while planning your wedding ceremony. These things may include wedding venue, food, music, reception, dressing and wedding car decoration. Another thing which is important from wedding planning point of view is wedding table decoration. Perfect decoration of wedding tables plays a vital role in making your wedding tremendous.

Wedding Table Decoration Ideas

There are different types of tables which are used in wedding like receptionist table, gifts table, buffet tables, and head table, DJ Table and Sweetheart Table. Usually tables and chairs cover the major area of wedding hall so decorating all of these tables in perfect way means you have completed half of the decoration work. However decoration of these tables is not much simple because all types of tables need different decoration style. Here are few wedding table decoration ideas which can help you in making your wedding impressive.

Receptionist table

Receptionist table is the main table which represents the theme of whole wedding ceremony. This table needs much time and effort for decoration. There are many innovative wedding table decoration ideas which you can use for the decoration of this table however using candles, curtains, and arrangements of colorful flowers can be a considerable idea. Giving a dazzling look can also enhance credibility of your wedding decoration.

Head Table

Head Table is another major location of your wedding venue which needs extra attention while decoration of your wedding hall. This is the table for the whole family of the bridal and groom. This table should be decorated in decent way. You should avoid using extra shiny colors for the decoration of head table. Try to use soft and light color scheme for head table. Head table should also covered by velvety clothes. Using colorful candles can also enhance the decency of the table.

Sweetheart Table

Sweetheart table is also the most important and focusing area of your wedding hall. This table is especially arranged for bride and groom. This table also need much attention and effort while decoration. You can use many unique wedding table decoration ideas for decorating this main location of your wedding hall.  Using lots of red roses and red candles with silky and velvety table cover can give a romantic and beautiful look to sweetheart table.

Gifts Table

Gift Table is the table which is used to display gifts presented by guests to groom or bride. You can decorate this table by using balloons, colorful papers, shiny ribbons and candles. You should try to keep the surface of table free while decorating gift table.

Buffet Table

Buffet table is another important item of your wedding hall which needs a proper decoration and arrangement however decorating buffet table is not much difficult. You can simply use a silky stuff to cover buffet tables.  Using a colorful strip and beautiful arrangements of flowers is also one of the famous wedding table decoration ideas which can enhance the decoration of your wedding hall.

Music Table

Music table is the table where music system is arranged. You can decorate this table according to theme used in whole wedding. Using disco lights can also make DJ table more appealing.

Cake Table

Cake table is used to display the wedding cake. Bride and Groom cut the cake after becoming husband and wife on wedding table. You can use a beautiful wedding cake, balloons glitter strips, ribbons, shiny papers flowers and other decoration items for the decoration of cake table.

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