Tips for Getting a Perfect Blowout Hairstyle At Home

Hairs are the most vital part of our styling. Everyone whether a man or a woman always want to make  or adopt a good as well as attractive hairstyle, so that they can look more and more smart as well as attractive. Everyone do various experiment in terms of hair styling, coloring, and many other things which can give a good and unique look to their hairs. The blowout hairstyle is one of the best ways of getting a smart look with in no times. Blowout Haircut is a very simple as well as ethnic hairstyle.

Everyone wants to try it as well as want to make it whenever they need to give a nice hairstyle for any special or casual occasions. But it is not possible for them to go to saloon everyday or every week to get this look as it will become an expensive as well as time consuming affair at that time. How about getting this smart hairstyle without going to any saloon or hairstylist, we are here to guide you as well as help you by providing some tips to solve this problem. Now we are going to share some tips which can help you in getting blowout hairstyle at home whenever you want it.

The First Step

Blowout Hairstyle

The first step for getting a perfect saloon type blowout hairstyle requires wet hairs. For this hairstyle the hairs required must be slightly wet. As it takes more time to dry the soaked hairs. You can use a towel to drain or remove excess water from your hair, you can also use hair dryer for the same purpose. Make sections of your hair and dry it with help of a blow dryer, it will also save you time.

The second step

Apply a small amount of any suitable shine serum or other product which you use for smoothing your hairs. It will give shine along with the smoothness to your hairs after they got dried. The amount of the shine serum for applying will totally be dependent on the length as well as thickness of your hairs, so apply it accordingly.

The Third step

Make three to five equal sections of your hairs. You can also use hair pins, clip and other accessories to divide your hairs. It will help you in working easily on all the parts of your head to get the perfect style. The number of section will be done according to the length of your hairs. The long hair must have five sections, medium hairs required three sections and small hairs can be sectioned in to three or two sections.

The fourth step

Mens Blowout Hairstyle

Now it’s time for some action, now start working from the base level that mean from the bottom layer of your hair primarily. Always remember one thing that is always starting with the root then pull your hairs in a straight line. For this you have to use a metal barrel brush. Use brush gently to the end of the hairs to get the thickness. Continue this method for all the sections of your hairs from the end to the top.

The Fifth step

Now finish it with drying your hairs by using a blow dryer, it will help you to get smooth as well as neat and polished looking blowout hairstyle. It will take maximum 10-30 minutes to complete depending on the thickness and length of your hairs.

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