Selsun Blue Ingredients

Selsun Blue Ingredients are better known as a shampoo which is used as a treatment therapy of dandruff. It is available everywhere. You can buy it with a prescription and it is the USP of this product. This shampoo is manufactured by the company named, Chattem. This company is well known for the medicated shampoo and other different kind of moisturizing shampoo.

The active ingredient of Selsun Blue shampoo is selenium sulfide. It is used as an agent of anti fungal treatment. It is very effective in skin yeast problem or different kind of scalp infection or diseases. The Selsun Blue Ingredients also come with some medicated formula and it is also rich in menthol, and to give a menthol effect it is made with peppermint. These ingredients can give a cooling and soothing effect to your scalp. So it can protect your skin and scalp from itching and irritation.

Other effects

Selsun Blue Ingredients

In Selsun Blue Ingredients, there are several natural things which help you to control the dandruff. And also the moisturizing formula can protect your hair from dryness and hair damages. It comes with a fresh feel and nice fragrance. It leaves a cooling and soothing effect on your scalp. This shampoo gives your hair a healthy looking hair. The conditioning effect makes your hair soft and manageable.


It is made only for external use. You should try to avoid contact with the eyes. The Selsun Blue Ingredients with are blended perfectly with some medicated things and some natural things. So it is good for your scalp and hair. But you should try to use it after consulting with your dermatologist.

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