Milling Machines

CNC is referred as the Computer numeric Control. CNC Milling Machine is no exception from that. With high precision and accuracy it is the best suited machines for cutting, grinding, Lathing, drilling with the aid of specialized software like CAD, CAM etc. CNC Programming language is the code written in manufacturer specific language with some visualization by the virtual software. It strengthens the automation procedures and tools. The specific functions of the Milling Machines are done according to the code.

The programming part is essential to run the machine as per the requirement. The programming for CNC Milling is done by two ways i.e. G and M. G tells the Milling Machine to move or turn precisely for cutting as per the measurement and M refers to the on and off state of the other extra devices. The framing of the shape is done with the aid of CAD. The G and M codes are written by the computer and transferred to the CNC Software in the machine. The program code is loaded in the microprocessor or CNC Machinist can feed all the codes directly on to the machine. The start button on the Milling Machines starts the machine and the program loaded inside automatically run the machine as per the code of the design.

Setting up CNC lathe:

Milling Machines

Due to the chances of permanent damage and risk, successfully set up and operations are required in CNC Lathe Machine.

  • An adjustment in the chuck jaws is required to fit the material.
  • Boring bars, drills are required for turning and measuring the outer diameter of the raw material.
  • The tools should be handled with teaching arms provided. Lifting the tip of each tool is done slowly to the teaching eye which coincides with the material for precision cutting.
  • Most of the machines are used having a G code. Programs can be well inserted directly or fetched from somewhere else.


Milling Machines and CNC technology have brought a revolution in the field of mechanical sciences and manufacturing sector. With software control and accurate shaping again and again without failure makes its demand more than before. Costs may be a little bit high but automation in terms of high end programming and less workforce makes it profitable for any manufacturing organizations. However the operations of the machines require skillful and well trained Labors.


CNC Milling Machines

To get the best possible output from a Milling Machine proper maintenance and cleaning is needed.

  • Cleaning the outside part ensures no chips and heavy dirt particles and also the safety of the personnel from sharp edges of chips.
  • Also inside cleaning is necessary for removing chip built up inside the jaw which may result in damage of the Milling Machines.
  • Lubrications with distribution of oil in different parts are essential for swift performance of the Used CNC Machines.

Injection molding:

Injection Molding Machine is basically used in plastic production. Most commonly it is the hydraulic machine with two plates or three plate mold. Heating and cooling are the two different processes used by this machine to make plastic.

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