Lip Reduction

Where some people totally comfortable with their size of their lips, some think that their facial features are overshadowed by large lips. Cosmetic industry has the answer where experts can perform lip reduction and give it a perfect look. A small surgery is performed to remove excess lip tissue. After the process, lips look thinner and in shape which is pleasing to the eyes. The surgery is small the generally less pain is involved without any scarring.

Actually an incision around inside of the lip area, and some internal lip removed. Reduction of the tissue of the lips is easy and safe procedure. The lip may feel swollen, tight and sensitive but in few days it will be normal again. Even scar will disappear in couple of weeks. Generally after the lip reduction process, the effected lip can bleed few times but it is completely normal and healing process. In case of doubt you can call to your doctor for immediate help. They can give you medication to stop the bleeding. Otherwise, there is not any risk involved and the process is safe and simple.

How reduction of lip is done?

Lip Reduction Surgery

There are number of people round the globe who are interested in lip piercing and lips reduction. This type of surgery is specially known as cosmetic surgery where peoples generally go under the process to look good. The industry of cosmetic surgery is growing day by day and especial surgeons can be found globally.

Where to find surgeons?

If you want to do the lip reduction you can do it easily. You just have to find an expert surgeon who can perform the surgery. You can find their information on magazines, newspapers or flyers. If you are computer savvy, you can go online and find their information easily. There are plenty of websites online which can give you proper information about Lip Augmentation. Make sure that you call any reputed online campaigner to perform the task. The key is to gain perfect lip is to contact any experience surgeon.

Precautions after the surgery:

Lip Reduction

After the surgery is done, generally your doctor will tell you the list of precautions to be performed. They usually suggest that stay away from rinse for one day after the surgery. If you smoke, they will suggest you to keep the smoking stop at least two month. They will suggest you to do the brushing with warm water.

Proper diet is important:

Upper Lip Reduction

Generally liquids can be consumed after the surgery for the few days. Once you feel comfortable, you can eat solid slowly. Good nutrition should be maintained. Doctor will generally prescribe you the list of food you can eat or you drink.


After the surgery nausea can occur. Make sure that even during nausea do not take any pain or nausea medication in empty stomach. Drink some liquid food and then take the medication. Generally after anesthesia, people suffer from nausea. After few hours of lip reduction the sign of nausea should complete disappear.

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