Laxatives for Weight Loss

If you are looking forward to lose weight in an effective and easy way then make use of laxatives for weight loss. Most people confuse laxatives for pills and other drugs. Even though they look like pills (sometimes) they are different and work differently. History reports reveal that a majority of Asian women take natural laxatives to lose their weight over decades. Use nature’s own food and look great.

Let’s have a look at some of the natural laxatives for weight loss.

Laxatives are the talk of the town nowadays. The so called makers of ‘health food’ don’t guarantee of any weight loss even though they advertise it. Here are some naturally prepared laxatives.

Laxatives for Weight Loss

Prune juice: it has great effect on your gastrointestinal tract and forms the absolute foundation for laxative drink. Don’t fall for pretty prune juices that come with lot of calories and sugar. You can prepare your own version of the juice that actually does not contain any harmful substances. Don’t add any add-ons and go ahead.

Brewer’s yeast: if you are working on weight loss means Brewer’s yeast should be your first choice. This nutrient packed food is good as long as you don’t include with any power mix drinks. Add a teaspoon of naturally available brewer’s yeast with water and drink.

Lemon juice: it is a great vitamin liquid that helps to lose weight in many different ways. Its acidic PH ratios force solid waste to go out of the gastrointestinal tract. Take one glass of lemon juice daily.

Laxatives and Weight Loss

You can also get laxatives in the form of tea. These teas are called with the name dieter tea or slimming tea. Senna, rhubarb, castor oil, aloe, cascara and buckthorn are some of the ingredients you can find in these teas. These are natural and look safe.

When you are using laxatives for weight loss they actually work on fatty substances present in your body. All the fat items are digested and absorbed substantially. Each and every individual can get his own type of laxative depending on his or her body condition. Bulk forming laxatives and stool softener laxatives are the most commonly used laxative substances. All these laxatives are related to the easy movement of stools. Some researchers also say that these laxatives don’t contribute to the weight loss fully. Laxatives pass through the body and absorb calories quickly. Even though the long term use of these Laxatives for Weight Loss look successful, they may be dangerous too. Prolonged use of laxatives may lead to diarrhea. Before consuming any of the laxative substances contact your physician and get his clearance. Since it creates starvation many doctors don’t recommend following this method for long time. Use of laxatives is strictly avoided in pregnant women as they remove vital nutrients and interrupt regular menstrual cycle. It is always good to use naturally available laxatives instead of chemical ones.

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