Lamborghini SUV LM002

Lamborghini SUV LM002 is simply gratifying and you will be astonished that Lamborghini goes into the SUV making since long time ago. In past, there were some quite cool models in the introduction segment of the first Lamborghini SUV. In 1986, the first model introduced was named LM002 and it was popular only in concept and sports cars’ segment. This car was in production only up to 1993 and then discontinued. Only 328 models of this luxury car were made and those cars get splendid awareness in the majestic families of the world.

Lamborghini SUV LM002 model catch the presence of most of the car lovers. The most astonishing fact of this car is that it was actually made to sell it to the US Military. When this car failed to pass the test, it has been modified and got launched in 1986 at Brussels Auto Show. Its makeover includes front mounted V12 engine and new chassis. This modified version was more powerful and vicious and hence it was called “The Rambo Lambo” by popular demand. Soon it became one of the favourite cars of rich and prestigious people of the Saudi Arabia.

Lamborghini SUV LM002

Prospective Lamborghini SUV would be extraordinary better than the previous version LM002. The price of new Lamborghini is not disclosed yet but all knows that this luxury car would obviously come with a premium price label.

Do you want to buy this prestigious SUV; we can help you by giving honest reviews. Our online reviews would help you match your requirements and budget on various angles and features of your favorite SUV.

Lamborghini SUV LM002 Specifications

This was Lamborghini’s first SUV in the auto market and it was big different from its Lamborghini Diablo model and from many other likely sports vehicles. Firstly it was only made to give services to the US Para-military forces, but later due to its makeover Lamborghini SUV LM002 made available for public in the segment of luxury SUVs.

This car comes with some amazing features and specifications. Besides the safety of passengers and power stature feature; it is having a front mounted V12 engine. Because of its front mounted engine, the torque and power provided is best of its category. This top class specification is one of the reasons that it takes parts in many rallies and races. The most appealing feature is its designer looks which include full leather seat covers and trim, most chilling AC, tinted power glass windows and royal look cabin with luxury interiors to provide you with majestic touch.

Special Roof attached Stereo system was designed for comfort level. High quality Scorpion Tyres was made to suit the driving in Desserts also. This tyre gives you the supreme power grip in all type of terrains. Most important to buy a
Lamborghini SUV is always its price. The price tag of Lamborghini SUV would cut the long story short because it will decide the ownership on its own and as in most of the cases; you can always look out for a used Lamborghini at the best price.

One Final Sentence: Undoubtedly it is the most desirous SUV which is designed keeping in mind the royal customers, like Saudi Sheikhs who like to operate power and luxury with their own hands. Even you can find other reviews online to get in depth picture of Lamborghini SUV LM002.

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