Kawai Digital Piano

If you are planning to buy a Kawai Digital Piano and looking for it first time you must be very much confused. One would suggest you to look into market the brands available & the rate comparison & everything. Now the question is either you are looking for a toy piano or real piano.

If you are looking for a real piano, Digital Piano is best for your need. There are many brands available which are providing many models of digital pianos. The question may be of price & when you compare price of a second hand digital piano with a brand new spinet or acoustic piano it may be near about same. But what I will suggest a second hand digital piano is better than a new acoustic piano. A second hand digital piano may give you better tone than a new acoustic piano.

Most of Digital pianos have some built in metronomes. It means you need not buy extra metronomes tones for practice which your piano teacher may suggest you. Another advantage is that digital pianos have tones available other than pianos also. So you may listen to a violin or a drum beat too.

Another great tool in digital piano is that they have a built in recorder which one may use for self evaluation. Even your teacher may record practice exercise in it for your help. Some good quality Pianos has USB ports also to expand memory of your piano.

Kawai Digital Piano

Kawai Digital Pianos are equipped with single tone wood which gives precise weight & movement of keys. The plastic hammer mechanism with a spring less design ensures smooth movement & a natural pleasant play.

The CA series of Kawai Digital Piano provides the sound & feel of Grand pianos with amazing expression & clarity in tone. The ES series of Kawai digital Pianos is best for portability. It is a perfect instrument of pianists & it also has an integrated amplifier. LC series is just 27 cm deep & can be kept anywhere.

Kawai mid range digital Pianos has a LED display screen which provides useful information mode & settings etc. In Grand piano harmonic imaging technology is used to create rich sounds & Kawai offer a tonal transition fluid. A concert grand piano EX is handcrafted in the heart of every Kawai digital piano, with a Sampling has 88 keys that captures the unique harmony of all notes and improved forms of Progressive and now Ultra Progressive Harmonic Imaging offers the most expressive sound ever on a grand piano. One can play complex tones using sustain pedal without losing any notes with help of maximum polyphony.

Kawai Digital Piano also has some lessons from Czerny, and Burgmuller Beyer, or songs from the famous Alfred piano method to learn on their own. These pianos can also be connected to USD port of your computer so one can easily share & transfer data there. Kawai first created electronic organs and synthesizers and electronic pianos. But their new CA series is liked by all pianist from beginner to professionals.

Kawai MP6 : 4 months, I tried the Roland FP4 piano, Kawai ES6 excellent value for money.

Kawai MR270 : I use it for 5 months and I am satisfied with my purchase. I tried many current digital piano which I find the sound too cold if I had to buy a digital piano I’ll easily make the same choice.

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