iPod Nano Games

Ipod Nano is very much in demand for playing games. The high quality graphics used in ipod nano gives the player a real awesome gaming experience. Some of the games are pre-installed on the machine when you buy it. For more games one has to pay as I don’t think there are any free games for ipod Nano. This is because Apple has not given rights to any one to create ipod Nano Games.

Think of portable music player & iPod Nano is the name that comes first to your mind first. There are many companies who are manufacturing portable media players in this challenging market some of the big names are Sony, Dell, LG etc. Most of esteemed companies in electronics manufacture their mp3 players. Still when one think of buying a portable mp3 player Apples ipod is the name that will surely come in mind. If you are not going to buy it you will surely consider it once.

iPod Nano Games

When we talk about ipod nano it means small or tiny ipod. Even if it is very small one can play music, watch videos & play games on it. If you want to experience this little ipod you have to hold & feel it. It will surely fill into small pocket of your jeans.

The Ipod nano is just 3.5” x 1.6”x .27” It is smaller than your credit card & thinner than AAA battery. This sleek & elegant nano Ipod is ready to entertain it Apple fans. This exquisite equipment is just 1.5 ounce in weight.

This ipod nano is compatible with both Windows & Mac based computers. The main aim of any mp3 player is to play mp3 files & like its family it also has this quality except this one can play games on it. One would also like to use High quality Headphone to enjoy it to full extent.

Even if you find any free online games for ipod nano be careful while downloading it may contain virus. Take this risk only when you have a strong antivirus on your system. If you are really interested buy games from trusted sites only.

If you don’t know how to add Ipod Nano Games take the following steps.

1. Sync you Ipod.
2. In iTunes Open the iTunes Store.
3. On the left store menu Click on the iPod Games link.
4. Choose the game you want to purchase and click Buy Game.
5. Choose your iPod nano on the left menu list.
6. Click the Games tab.
7. Choose Sync games.
8. Click All games.
9. Click Apply.

Some other features that I would like to describe on ipod Nano are World Clock, screen lock and stopwatch. These features might be very useful for some users like one can see local time of anywhere in the world. A 4 digit screen lock allows you to keep your pictures & songs confidential.

Ipod Nano recognizes images in almost all popular formats like JPEG, GIF, BMP. PNG & TIFF. A unique feature that I like most is that one can create slideshow with pictures & give music & transition effects. One disadvantage that I find out is that ipod nano van not be connected to third party devices like digital camera, voice recorders and FM transmitters.

Battery: When used just to play music We can run it non stop without charging for 14 hours. If we use slide function also it may decrease. It takes 3 hours to charge its battery to full.

The graphics are a big plus for this ipod. They are very nice & feel very comfortable for eyes. Enjoy your iPod Nano Games.

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