Injection Molding Machine

Also known by the name injection press, Injection Molding Machine is the machine that is used for manufacturing products of plastics through the process of injection molding. These machines consist of mainly two parts and they are- the clamping unit and the injection unit. In the modern days most of these works are performed through the robotic hands with the principle of CNC Programming. CNC stands for Computer Numerically Controlled. The main purpose of using CNC is to make the work more swiftly and to get efficient end products.

The Injection Molding Machine is basically oriented in a horizontal position. The vertical machines are also there which are being used for different application purpose like insert molding where the machine uses the law of gravity and CNC Software. The fastening of the tools to the platens can be done through various ways of which the manual clamp is the most common. There are other methods too which includes magnetic clamps and hydraulic clamps. In case where there is a fast change of tools these clamps are being used.

Types of molding machines

Injection Molding Machine

There are different types of Injection Molding Machine being used now-a-days. These machines are classified according to the driving systems they have and they are described below:

  • Hydraulic- They are not very much precise but still are being used in most parts of the world.
  • Mechanical- It is better reliable than the hydraulic machines. A toggle type system is being used here to build up the tonnage.
  • Electric- Better known as EMT (Electric Machine Technology) these machines are of great accuracy due to the Used CNC Machines. Also the cost reduction is very low but the devices are very much expensive.
  • Hybrid- With the help of a CNC Machinist the hybrid type has a robotic arm that helps in removing the molding components and uses both the features of electric as well as hydraulic systems.

Advantages of using these machines

The modern injection type molding machines use state of the art technology where manual functions become less and use of robots increases. For the mold designs CNC Milling is done with the help of CNC Milling Machine and normal Milling Machine. Productions of these are quite expensive. Some of the main advantages are repeatable high tolerance, high production rate, low labor cost, use of various materials, minimal scrap losses, etc.

Uses of these machines

Small Injection Molding Machine

In various areas of our daily lives we can find such things prepared from injection molding like bottle caps, pocket combs, musical instruments, wire spools, storage containers and different others plastic components with the help of CNC Lathe Machine. Injection molding is mainly done for high production using the Milling Machines. Injection molding is the most common manufacturing method.

So the invention of Injection Molding Machine has lifted off a great amount of work from us. From manufacturing a small component to a whole body of a car, all can be done by this machine.

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