Handicap Vans

A range of vehicles called handicap vans can be modified and made a friendly for those persons who are handicapped and need to take the help of wheel chairs for movement from one place to another. The inner surface area of the vans can be increased so as to make it more spacious to let the easy entry of the wheel chairs by the help of powered lift or ramp. Ramps are available in two styles which are fold-up and in-floor and they can be operated in manually or with the help of a motor.

The Modification procedure differs for different handicap vans. They usually fall under two basic categories where the handicapped person is the driver itself and the second is where the handicapped is the passenger.

The features of the Wheelchair Accessible Vans are:

Handicap Vans

• The floor is lowered.
• The pattern of seats is modified to allow access to the wheelchairs.
• Suspension is made stiff so as to allow some extra weight of the wheelchairs.
• Fuel lines and gas tanks are modified.
• These types of vehicles should be having the NHTSA safety requirement certification.
• They allow the securements or the facility to tie up the wheelchairs for security.

Types of handicapped vans:

Handicap vans are classified according to the entry types which are of two types; side wise entry and rear entry. The entry option of the vans basically impacts on seating, parking, storage and other important facilities necessary.

Side entry allows sitting along with the wheelchair in the front seat or the driver seat. It allows more storage space and easy entry and exit from the van. On addition to its advantages, handicap vans also have few disadvantages such as: extra space is required for parking for the deployment of the ramp. Side entry configuration can be done in over 75% of the personal use model of vehicle.

Rear-Entry: This type of entry is basically modified for the passenger seat. Handicapped sitting in the passenger seat need this facility in their cars. Its advantages are that no extra space or room is needed for the ramp and installation of folding style ramp does not block the side passenger door. In addition to this the seat of the passenger sitting in the middle can be placed by the side of the wheelchair position. Other advantages include more space for resting the legs and longer wheel chairs. Its limitations include the inability to drive the van sitting on the wheelchair or to sit in the front passenger seat.

Cars for Disabled

Vans of company like Honda, Chrysler, Dodge, Volkswagen etc. can be modified to make a handicapped friendly cars. One can buy these cars direct from the largest and low priced dealers of south eastern countries. You can also take the van for rent. Many countries have this facility and give you van for rent in both long and short term basis. In addition to this loans for modifying the handicap vans are also available from different companies around the world.

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