Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Various Features of Dual Zone Wine Cooler

A Dual Zone Wine Cooler is having two temperature compartments, which lets you be able to have more space to keep your wine bottles. The appliance can be easily kept in your home and is equipped with advanced technological features to make things convenient to you.

About the Product

The concerned wine cooler creates a comfortable storage environment for you to keep both white and red wines separately. It also helps you to keep the flavor and the life of the wines for a sufficient time period. It has a strong and compact structure, which makes it durable as well. There are various models of the appliance available in the markets, which give you the option to choose the most suitable one. The easy controlling system of the temperature built into the cooler is also notable. It is widely used in the restaurants and hotels for its advanced features.


Dual Zone Wine Cooler

The following are the specifications of the Dual Zone Wine Cooler:-

  1. The blue LED lighting present in the cooler is really cool and certainly does not make your eyes uneasy
  2. 15 wood shelves are present on the ball bearing rollers
  3. The upper zone temperature range is about 41-54 Fahrenheit  and the same in the lower zone is 46-66 F
  4. You can keep up to 166 bottles in the cooler
  5. The dual pane glass door has a reversible swing system
  6. The digital thermostatic control deserves a special mention
  7. 2 keys are present with the lock

Plus Points

The following are the plus points of the concerned wine cooler:-

  1. The innovative shelving built of the cooler makes the bottles keep sound and safe
  2. The advanced technology helps in reducing vibration and keeping the wine taste as it is for a long time
  3. The reduction of the noise makes the environment easier to live with
  4. The cooler is quite energy efficient and is having the overall design specially for the people who understand the wines
  5. The graded components of the cooler makes it quite durable

Market Feedback

According to the market feedback, the Dual Zone Wine Cooler is ideal for what the wine experts need to have in their homes. The users also talk a lot about the dual zones, which are equally qualitative. The likes of the freestanding wine cooler certainly are pretty impressive among them. The features like the adjustable shelving system and the energy efficiency are also stressed by the users. Most importantly, the users have agreed to a point very commonly, which is that the cooler is quite recommendable for the others.

Wrapping up

Starting from the classy exterior design to other features, the concerned wine cooler gets a lot of marks from the reviewers. It can be easily availed at an affordable price despite the fact that it is quite advanced overall. Different sizes of the cooler can be chosen according to your wish. It can be said that a Dual Zone Wine Cooler is worth the price paid.

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