Creatine Side Effects

The Good And Bad Aspects Of Creatine Side Effects – The first thing that will strike on your mind is that what is Creatine? The answer is very simple it is an amino acid that produced in our liver naturally. This acid helps in promoting the growth of muscles and strength. This has become one of the most popular bodybuilding supplements in recent years. But now a day a debate is going on about the creatine side effects. It is a well known fact that all things have some good or bad effects. What are the good and bad effects of creatine are discussed below –

Low TesteroneThe good aspects of creatine side effects

The good part of creatine side effects is that it helps in boosting up the energy levels indirectly which enhances a person’s ability for harder training. It results in faster and significant muscle building. Another good effect of is that it helps in improving the endurance and performance in aerobic exercises. On the same side it helps in gaining weight which makes a person look bigger. It is a good thing for people supposes to be underweight or skinny. It can be considered as a gift for thin peoples who want to look good or build some muscles.

The bad aspects of creatine side effects

Now about the bad part of creatine side effects is that in case anyone taking it wants to stop taking after sometimes notice a sharp change and decrease in their energy level. On the same time they experience reduction of their muscles due to reduction in excess water weight.

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