Concorde Battery

The battery which is required in most of automobiles during starting them is Concorde Battery. These are the only batteries which are maintenance free. Concorde battery is best for the machines or equipments which need a lot of power to start working. The better substitution of sealed batteries is Concorde Battery as they use absorbent silicon plates. They manufacture many models according to requirement & in fact they produce according to requirement of military also. There are different models which are used in different machines.

Lifeline series of Concorde Batteries comes in 6 volt, 12 Volt, 24 volt & 27 volt. This is because of the different needs of different equipments. All Lifeline Concorde batteries are based on absorbent glass mat (AGM). AGM is necessary plate because it absorb electrolyte acid in the battery. The main advantage of AGM batteries is that they can be placed in any way as they are leak proof as comparison to other acid batteries which has to be kept in upside position to prevent them from leakage.

Concorde Battery

As Concorde batteries are deep cycle batteries they best for starting up most powerful machines. Because of this quality of deep cycle Concorde Battery are vastly used in marine, Air Force & Military too. Their low volt batteries are best for homes also.

These batteries have some great features which make them unique in their category. Their performance is outstanding. Concorde battery use copper alloy terminals which improve its collection of electrodes. Concorde battery is made to meet all safety standards. These are health & environment friendly batteries. One of the great feature of this battery is that it has threaded insert terminal which help to avoid short circuit in battery.

Concorde Battery does not require water so its easy to use & maintenance free. They can be transported easily as you can keep them in any position & they are non spillable. Concorde Batteries are best for people who are looking for long lifespan, safe and easy to maintain batteries.

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