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Introduction of the CNC Lathe Machine in the machining of metals and other hard materials has revolutionized the field of lathes. The new CNC machine is used for cutting, molding of a raw material such as metal through various processes and the improvised CNC Software in the machine distinguishes it as unique from the other lathe machine in its class. They are used for a broader range of applications and for a wide range of materials. This powerful machine cuts effectively and removes the wastage from rotating work piece by the linear movements of the several drill bits and other cutting tools integrated with the machine.

Several important components of a CNC Lathe Machine are:

  • Headstock: It is the most important component of a CNC Milling Machine which should be strong enough to handle the vibrations and the pressures of the components during the process of cutting that resides within the head stock so that the finished product would be of high quality. The main spindle, gears and the speed changing mechanism resides in the headstock.
  • CNC Lathe Machine

  • Bed: It is the base of the headstock of a Milling Machine, which allows the parallel movement of tailstock and the carriage along the axis of the spindle. To restrain the tailstock and the carriage of Milling Machines within a fixed track hardened bed systems are implemented. For effective cutting the carriage system is moved by a rack and pinion system. Several types of beds such as flatbeds, inverted V shaped and combination of both are available for optimizing performance of a CNC Lathe Machine.
  • Lead and Feed Screws: The Feed screw is the driveshaft mechanism that allows the gear series to roll and control carriage mechanism in CNC Milling. Both the gears are located on the carriage’s apron and are operated with the help of changing gears or the quick change box, the supplementary intermediate gear box. Both the screws work collectively to with spindle to deliver an accurate measure of screw threads on a piece of work.
  • Carriage: The CNC Mechanist uses the carriage by the help of an automated mechanism of coupling the feed shaft to the carriage which eases the mode of operation and ensures better performance.
  • Tailstock: Generally Used CNC Machines uses this drill placed on the reverse side of the headstock.
  • Other components include Tool post, Cross-slide and Compound rest.

The machine generally is controlled through CNC Programming that is designed automatically by the operator through Computer Aided Design of the path for the program which is fed into the machine, with the option of upgrading the program which can be displayed on the visual screen where the process of milling can also be viewed.

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Thus the CNC Lathe Machine can outperform in its working process like the Injection Molding Machine by use of different user interfaces like the open source and Linux software that have revolutionized the old versions of Lathe machines by ensuring better performance. The only drawback of this type of machines is they often are enclosed totally for the issue of Occupational Health and Safety.

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