Desktop CNC Machine

A modular, low cost, versatile Desktop CNC Machine is used for computer-automated machining and fabrication in the hands of manufacturers. Whether they might be evil scientists, small-scale manufacturers or budding inventors, the power to design of precision-machined product in a few computer commands is very exciting. The PhCNC software specifically designed for Printed Circuit Board (PCB) prototyping, using the Accurate A3xx/A4xx desktop CNC machines. It now includes various common machining functions. Our main purpose was to create higher standard software that is both extremely accurate and user friendly, with a very clear and simple to use interface, function buttons and good quality graphics.

The selections and calculations for standard operations are automatic, but the operations can be customized for the user if required. You can check the PhCNC functionality through demo software. Please remember that some of the software options are missing in the demo version software, nevertheless, you can get all capabilities in licensed software. Being frustrated with expensive CNC Machines, to have inexpensive, straight forward and simple CNC machines I designed a DIY Desktop CNC Machine that solves all problems I had with current machines like costing, simplicity, user friendly. You can also make Desktop CNC Milling Machines in this way. This type of machine is basically called as Small CNC Machine.

The Desktop CNC Machine is built by plans and kit. All parts cab be available at cheaper cost and the design can be made for recycled parts. The electronics can be controlled by several software applications in free of cost. PhCNC is not simply the software that controls our machines. It is the important part of the entire system that controls and communicates with all system components.

  • PhCNC360™ our CNC controller.
  • PhACdrive™ our AC/BLDC vector spindle drive.
  • PhSTdrive™ our all axes intelligent stepper drives.

PhCNC software comes in 2 versions:

  • Basic version of PhCNC is included with every machine.
  • Advanced version, PhCNC Pro is optional and includes many additional functions.

PhCNC software has 2 modes of operation. One is CAM mode and other is CNC mode. At beginning, PhCNC enters the CAM mode, where you will be able to open your files and also can change the layout of your prototype. Here, you can also mention the tools, which will be used when the prototype PCB is created by the Accurate A3xx/A4xx/A5xx/A6xx. In the CNC Mode, the user can execute the programs that have been generated by PhCNC to control the Accurate A3xx/A4xx/A5xx/A6xx. Note that you can switch between the two modes at any time. If you have new video camera/microscope you can measure and inspect your project.

List of available operations in the Desktop CNC Machine:

  • Insulation, rubout, drilling, cutout, stencil, countersink, fiducial registration (top and bottom layer)
  • Peck mode is now available in PhCNC Pro version. It is a great solution for all high aspect ratio machining.
  • Machining window allows machining of a pre-selected area of the project.
  • Machining larger than the machine table projects (up to 60 inches along the X axis).
  • Repeat the machining process of selected areas of the project for any given reason.
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