Conscious Sedation Dentistry

Maximum dental ailments are not treated largely because of the patients’ fears about the pain and agony they must bear in order to undergo the treatment. In order to alleviate the intense anxiety level of the patients before they venture in to receiving this treatment procedure, the dentists use the technique of conscious sedation dentistry. This clinical is extremely crucial for fostering safe and effective general dental practice. For critical patients requiring intensive dental care and medication, general anesthesia and other applicable approaches of palliative care is recommended by the doctors. Ideal sedation practice synthesizes both pharmacological and non-pharmacological approaches which are customized as per the requirement of the individual patients. Therefore, the application of conscious sedation demands requisite regulations and adequate awareness both on the part of the patients and the doctors.

Conscious sedation dentistry entails the study and application of drugs and different techniques which can numb the consciousness of the patient during the span of the treatment. This custom needs considerable practice and proficiency for executing it seamlessly with reliable safety. Nowadays, the dentists believe in inducing marginal or selective sedation of patient’s consciousness so that the patient does not lose his senses completely so that he is able to respond and communicate when necessary while feeling relaxed and stress free about the treatment procedure. The degree and intensity of the palliative care is totally contingent on the dentist’s discretion and judgment relevant to the individual patient’s clinical condition. In this respect the doctors are guided essentially by their intent, insight and professional intuition for administering a safe and optimal dosage of sedation which is essential for the patients. Historical precedents of dental treatments can also be referred and studied carefully for determining an appropriate sedation method for the patient. Today, several sophisticated oral examinations have been designed to enable the doctors to evaluate the patient’s overall health condition which may also impact the custom of the dental treatment.

Adequate preparation before the treatment is necessary for the patient which is guided by the dentists at the right time. Normally, conscious sedation dentistry does not essentially require the patient to fast rather they are advised to observe normal diet avoiding intake of food or fluid in large quantity. Moreover, consuming liquor is prohibited for the treatment and it is also advisable to have someone reliable to escort you during the process of the treatment and after it for few days in order to assist in the recovery process. However, adults who are administered with the inhalation of nitrous oxide as a sedative before carrying out a dental treatment procedure normally does not need an escort. Above all maintaining a hygienic and clean environment which comprises the staff members involved in the treatment process, the equipments and instruments used during the sedation must be sterilized and thoroughly disinfected before use.

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