CNC Punching Machine

CNC Punching Machine and laser-cutting are the main technologies used by Skiz fabrikken. The plant uses 5 CNC punching presses and 2 CNC punching/laser-cutting presses. The main advantage of this technology is that it allows producing metal articles without significant investment in tooling. CNC punch positioning tables and CNC measuring and shearing systems are recent developments for the plate shear station. CNC punch positioning tables were introduced to the U.S. market about 8 years ago. The CNC plate feed system is about 5 years old. The following are CNC options available and descriptions of how they work.

Advantages of CNC Punching Machine

Advanced CNC Punching Machine allow for quick punching speeds with a great accuracy. Before starting production, we use CAD software and the trial and error method to choose the best material input. The equipment helps us to manufacture both small and big series of products efficiently. Standard tools are used in production of most products, which spares the customer from additional investment into manufacturing equipment. Some ironworkers have an X-Y coordinate punching table with a programmable CNC. The table can be fitted to a hydraulic dual-cylinder, deep-throat ironworker.

If you’re planning for adding an ironworker, you should know not only what type of ironworker is best for your facility and output product, but also what options will offer you the productivity level you want. For this reason, you should learn about CNC controls as you investigate the ironworkers on the market today.

When buying an ironworker, think about following:

  • What is the largest hole I want to punch?
  • What is the thickest material I will be punching?
  • What material (for example, mild steel, A36, stainless steel, grade 50) will I be punching?

Once you have answered the above questions, you’ll be able to select a machine with the right tonnage to do the job. Although most shops today have automated or are considering automating their equipment, the ironworker has been one of the last machines to incorporate automation. Understanding the options available is the key to making a wise buying decision. With an optional triple punch, you can choose 3 different punch diameters. This can be useful for farm equipment and prefabricated building manufacturers, as well as general job shops that need more than one diameter in a part. For example, if your part has more than one hole size, you still could punch the part in one operation.

Depending on the material size, the CNC Punching Machine can fulfill all of your punching needs. Depending on the part complexity and patch size, our CNC punching not only offers cost effective solutions, but has the ability to punch all types of geometric configurations that include circles, rectangles, squares and more. Our AWP process allows modules to be programmed quickly, accurately and ensures no delays in production. Rapid processing speeds reduce operating costs, and deliver the required quality at a great price.

A semiautomatic CNC plate and angle positioning table is available as a factory-installed option on any ironworker or punching machine with a 20-in. or larger throat depth. The operator positions the plate against the CNC X and Y stops and initiates the punch program, nearly eliminating the requirement for manual plate layout. The Operator should complete CNC Machine Training Courses.

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