Interesting Questions to Ask a Girl

There is this cute girl in your school, who seems absolutely interesting. You have finally mustered up all the courage, you have to ask her out and she says yes. Now, what next? First date pangs about what to ask her. Most of the guys might be quite confused about the questions they would have to ask a girl on their date. Well, you should know that girls like guys who love to listen, so it would be best to ask them questions that would get you into a conversation. Here is a list of interesting questions to ask a girl that would help them see that you are interested to get to know them better.

1. What are the ideal qualities that you would look in a guy, you would want to fall in love with?

This question would give you an insight of what she expects in a guy. You would be able to gauge the kind of man that she would like to fall for.

2. What is the best thing that you have ever done for a really close person?

This can be an interesting question to ask a girl, just to see the kind of person she is. You would be able to see the nice side of her. You would be able to see how generous or kind she is and also be able to appreciate the small things that she does to make others happy. And if she goes out of the way to make people happy, you know that she is one of a kind.

3. What is your favourite movie character that you could totally relate to?

Most of the times, people can usually relate to the character of a particular movie or series. This can be a fun conversation for both of you to talk about. You would be able to see the type of person she is based on the character she relates to. Although that would be just a quick judgement to make, you would still be able to understand her better.

4. Where would like you to go on a dream holiday?

Most of us have this one place in mind that we would always like to go to, at least once in our lifetime, which makes it another interesting question to ask a girl. Pay attention to why she likes going to the destination of her choice, maybe she might be into some fun activities that you would like to engage in as well.

5. What are the qualities in me that you like the most?

Now, which man is not curious to know what a woman likes in him? You would always want to know why she likes you. You would also be able to know your best traits that may please a person.

These are just a few interesting questions to ask a girl. Note that you should not ask her questions that might be too personal in the very first instant.

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