Straighten Teeth without Braces

Disfigured teeth can be sheer embarrassment and a blemish on an otherwise charming visage and getting this deformity corrected is imperative for one’s self esteem and a flawless image. In yester years wearing braces was one of the most salient solutions for fixing this distortion but this measure was not foolproof as it caused a lot of hassles while eating food, induced itching, irritation and scars inside the mouth, triggered the risk of creating marks and stains on the teeth and last but not the least this mode of rectification proved to be a very time consuming and painful process. As a consequence, newer and improved methodologies and tools emerged in order to straighten teeth without braces which assure a more seamless process of treating this out of shape teeth condition without attracting undue attention.

The primary step towards amending this asymmetric teeth alignment is to consult an experienced and skilled orthodontist. In order to evaluate your teeth and determine the kind of treatment you will require the orthodontist will recommend a slew of oral examinations and tests. Based on the reports of the x-rays and medical examinations the orthodontist will outline a treatment plan for the patients. These plans are extremely customized solutions which are formulated to suit the unique and specific needs and requirements of the patients. One very important aspect of this rectification model is to ascertain the kind of mould of your teeth and the type of retainers which will suit your requirement. Once the right type of retainer is identified or customized retainer is created, you will be advised to wear it for as many hours as possible throughout the day during the treatment span for the best results. Normally the treatment time needed to straighten teeth without braces, may vary between two four moth’s to one year’s time at the most. Initially the candidate might feel sore and speak with slight lisp as the after-effect of this attachment. However, with more time the patient gets accustomed to this slight discomfort and returns to the orthodontists for periodical check-up usually after four weeks for readjustment of the springs of the retainers in order to create the requisite pressure on the teeth for an ideal reformation. The pressure and direction of the pressure on the teeth are very crucial parameters which need to be regularly monitored by the orthodontists for satisfactorily chiseling the deformed mould of your teeth. In fact wearing the retainers for sometime even after the treatment duration is over is suggested in order to reinforce and adequately stabilize the new teeth alignment as opposed to the original arrangement of your teeth. Diligently following the instructions of your orthodontist will only expedite the correction process and reward you with impeccable smile and a shapely face for creating a winning impact on others.

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